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Handkerchiefs - Wedding, Lace, Embroidered

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A wonderful variety of Handkerchiefs await you.  The style and ambiance of a handkerchief will never be forgotten. 

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How to Fold a Handkerchief:

You will find directions for multiple pocket folds below. 

1. Square Ended Handkerchief Fold: to make a square-ended fold

you must first fold your handkerchief in half

then fold the handkerchief in one-third from each side

last fold your handkerchief in half and place it inside your pocket.


2. Puffed Handkerchief Fold: to make a puffed fold

lay the handkerchief flat and then pick it up from the very center

let the handkerchief fall like a flower

fold up the point to the tips of the open end

place the handkerchief inside your pocket with the petals facing out.


3. Triangle Handkerchief Fold: to make a triangle fold

first you must lay the handkerchief flat and fold it in half  corner to corner to form a large triangle

Take one end of the handkerchief triangle and fold one corner in just past the center

then fold the big triangles opposite corner in over it, also just past the center

Last thing is to fold the bottom handkerchief point up to the top

You can now place the handkerchief inside the pocket with the triangle pointing up.


4. Multiple Point Handkerchief Fold: to make a Multiple Point fold

first fold a handkerchief in half, point to point

this will create an imperfect triangle

along the long edge of the imperfect triangle, take a point and fold it toward the two other points.

take the remaining handkerchief point of the long edge and fold it over the other three points, always keeping one end flat.

fold the handkerchief in again from both directions for the six-pointed end

fold in half and place in the pocket with the six-pointed end facing out.


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