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Luxury Duvet Covers Inventory Liquidation
Sale 80% OFF

Elegant Linens Home :: Duvet Covers Menu

Choose from over 20 luxury duvet covers at inventory liquidation pricing. Our Egyptian cotton duvet cover options range from classic tailored solids to prints or contemporary patterns.

Choose from:  Cal-King | Queen | Twin

King & Cal-King Duvet Covers and Duvet Cover Sets

Raffaello: Fabulous, 300 TC Egyptian cotton sateen collection in 20, diverse and stunning solid colors for just the right look.            

King Duvet Cover Set in Espresso  80% OFF




Queen Duvet Cover and Duvet Cover Sets


Queen Duvet in Taupe/Brown  80% OFF 




Twin Duvet Cover and Duvet Cover Sets


Twin Duvet in Yellow/Orange  80% OFF



Find out "How to Put a Duvet cover On".  Our instructional video will remove any questions you might have.


About Duvet Covers: 

A luxury duvet cover from Elegant Linens finishes the look of your bed in designs both traditional and contemporary.  Create a great designer look for every bedroom in your house - try a classic embroidered duvet cover from  dea Linens, or how about a lovely damask duvet cover from Sferra?  Egyptian cotton duvet covers are wonderfully smooth and durable, and our fine 100% linen duvet covers are known for superior cool comfort.  Looking for a toile duvet cover set?  Check out our Eastern Accents custom bedding menu.  Our designer duvet covers are the perfect way to protect your down duvet and bring color and style to your bedroom.

How to Pick your Luxury Duvet Cover: 

A luxury duvet cover is an excellent bedding choice.  It is much easier to clean than a conventional comforter.  A duvet of down can be purchased for all seasons or specifically for colder climates.  Our down duvets are hypo-allergenic and extremely luxurious to sleep with.  Simply cover your down duvet with one of our designer duvet covers.  The down duvet will stay protected and you can make a wonderful fashion statement in you bedroom without sacrificing comfort.  You may have noticed that upscale hotels are now advertising how comfortable their luxury bed ensembles are.  That is because they are using fine down duvets with luxurious duvet covers. 

Choosing a designer duvet cover is easy with over 100 choices on our luxury duvet cover menu.  How do you start your duvet cover search?

Decide on what is most important to you!  What kind of fabric do you prefer? 

We have fine Egyptian Cotton duvet covers that are light weight and easy to care for.  Our Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers come in a range of thread counts from 300-1020. The Egyptian Cotton Choices come in Sateens, Jacquards or Percales. 

The Sateen has a slight sheen and is silkier to the touch.  This is an optimum choice for those who wish to eliminate a top sheet and sleep with only the duvet cover and fitted sheet for comfort. 

A Jacquard duvet cover  of Egyptian Cotton has a woven design in the fabric itself and may have a sheen or not.  The fabric will be slightly heavier and not as smooth as a percale or sateen duvet cover. 

The Percales are crisper and have more of a matt finish. The percale duvet cover is smooth to the touch and can be used without a top sheet in your bed ensemble.

We have Linen Duvet Covers as well.  This is a heavier fabric then our cotton choices.  The Linen will initially feel stiff, but becomes softer with each wash.  Many people looking for a shabby chic casualness to their bed ensemble will love linen.  Remember Linen has been used for centuries and some of the textile companies we import from in Europe, have been producing fine linens since the 1800's.  Linen can be pressed for a very sharp and crisp appearance - just like a fine linen tablecloth.  Linen comes in both solids and jacquard designs.

If you want a silky feeling duvet cover with a luscious sheen but a very natural origin - pick Modal.   This fabric is constructed from beech wood pulp.  This doesn't sound  soft and smooth - but with expert milling, this fabric will astound you.  You have to feel this fabric to believe it.  It is also easy to care for. 

We have some Silk duvet cover options as well.  Most are mixed with cotton to make them easier to care for.  Silk has been the fabric of Emperors.  It is more expensive because of it's rarity - silk is spun from a silk worm and then manufactured into a sumptuous fabric that falls like water.  Remember this fabric is not as easy to care for but has a distinctive feel all of its own. 

For the bed fashionista in you - we have our Decorative Blends.  These duvet covers are a blend of synthetics, cottons, velvets, chenilles, and silks.  These are heavier fabrics with unique designs.  Damasks are very popular in our decorative blend line and are trimmed with a variety of beads, tassels, and other fine trimmings.  Most are custom made and can be modified to your specifications.  Due to the nature of the fabrics used in these duvet covers - they are not easy care .  Dry cleaning is recommended for most of these luxury duvet covers.

Once you decide on the fabric - next is the style.  From jacquards with intricate designs, tailored or flowing embroideries, to solids colors that are easy to mix and match, and prints that will go with any decor choice. 

Each fabric section of the duvet menu is subdivided by style.  This will make it easier for you to find the exact match for you design sensibilities.  Remember to use our touch and feel program.  Order a swatch of each fabric type to find out which you love the most: Egyptian cotton in jacquard, percale, or sateen; Linen, Modal, Silk or Decorative Blend.

Laundering your Luxury  Duvet Cover

Duvets are the luxury linens of comforters!  However, they have the added ability of changing the look of a room in an instant.  Duvets have been popular in Europe for some time and are recently gaining popularity in America among luxury linen aficionados. 

Duvets must be covered since the actual duvet is difficult to launder.  The duvet covers fit over the duvet similar to a pillow case with a button or tie closure.   Duvets and their covers are available in all bedding sizes.  Duvet covers are available in a variety of luxurious fiber choices including Egyptian cotton, linen, and Modal.  Egyptian cotton duvet covers are among the most popular.  They come in a vast array of styles including the tried and true classic tailored, toile, solid colors and contemporary patterns. 

Duvet covers offer a unique opportunity to change the accent in your room by altering the theme.  Duvet covers offer the opportunity to make a small room seem larger by making the bed the focal point of the room. To enlarge the visual size of the room, duvet owners should select covers in vivid colors or unique patterns.  In contrast, to make the large rooms of today’s homes feel pleasantly warm, the owner will want to opt for neutral colors or soft patterns when selecting a luxury linen duvet cover.

Egyptian cotton duvet covers provide a soft and luxurious accent to any room with the added benefits of Egyptian cotton’s ability to become softer with age.  The beautiful luster of Egyptian cotton duvet covers are as easy to care for as sheets allowing for frequent washing to remove dust and allergens.  Designer series can be found in solid colors, Jacquard, prints and embroidered patterns to match any décor. 

The timeless beauty of linen will always be a great addition to any room.  Linen duvet covers offer another luxurious alternative with patterns in solid colors, as well as, Jacquard prints. Bringing lavish linen duvet covers to your bedroom will bring the comfort and relaxation of an eternal English garden to your home.

It is recommended to own more than one duvet cover as you will want to protect your investment.  One cover to be used while the other luxury linen duvet cover is in the laundry. Some duvet owners opt to purchase a different duvet for every season while others purchase duvet covers to fit their mood.

Regardless of your choice in fiber and design with the proper care you will receive many years of enjoyment from a luxury linen duvet cover.

Care for your luxury linen duvet cover by following the accompanying care instructions.  Some common care instructions include washing in cool or luke warm water using less of a mild detergent than necessary for a regular load and an extra rinse cycle.  The extra rinse cycle helps to eliminate detergent residue from your duvet cover.  (Never use bleach on any luxury linens as it breaks down the fibers.)  Avoid over-drying your luxury linen duvet cover and hand press for an added crispness.


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© copyright 2014 Elegant Linens ®. All rights reserved.

About Us | Touch & Feel Program | MonogramsSite Map |  Return Policy

© copyright 2014 Elegant Linens ®. All rights reserved.