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White Handkerchiefs

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White handkerchiefs make wonderful gifts and are perfect for special occassions. Weddings, confiramtions, baptisims... The list goes on and on.

Available White Handkerchiefs:

Clip Cord Handkerchief   Hand Rolled Mans Hankies   Happy Birthday Handkerchief Merci Beaucoup Hankies
Linen Tape Mens Handkerchief   Men's Swiss Cotton Hanky      


Hand Rolled Fine Cord Handkerchief

Mens Handrolled White Handkerchief

All cotton with 11 fine cords decorate this one of a kind Hand Rolled Men's handkerchief.  The handkerchief measures 18".  Extra Large for a Men's needs.

Mens Handrolled Detail

Item 90217



Clip Cord Wedding Handkerchief

Clip Cord Hankie

White CottonClip Cord in a 13" square is a classic pattern. The handkerchief has been hand rolled in spain.

A wonderful design for a simple wedding handkerchief. Perfect for those tender moments!


Item 701/233



Happy Birthday White Handkerchief

Happy Birthday White Handkerchief

Want to wish them a Happy Birthday in a way that they'll remember.  Every time they use this all cotton embroidered white handkerchief they'll remember the thoughtful person who gave it to them.  Finished with a lovely hemstitch. Available in white embroidery all on white cotton. 13" Square.

Happy Birthday Detail

Item 130/205



Large Linen Tape White Handkerchief

Large Linen Tape White Hanky

All linen with 1 Large cord that decorates this one of a kind Hand Rolled Men's handkerchief.  The handkerchief measures approximately 18".  Extra Large for a Men's needs.





Merci Beaucoup White Handkerchief

Merci White Handkerchief

All cotton handrolled and embroidered white handkerchief is the perfect way to say thank you very much. Merci Beaucoup will express just how much you appreciate the recipiant of this lovely hanky!



Item 130/203



Swiss Cotton White Handkerchief

Swiss Cotton White  Hanky

Fine Swiss Cotton with five cords surrounding the handkerchief. 

Finely hand rolled hem finishes this great men's handkerchief.

Swiss Cotton Detail

Item 112



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