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(SDH Bedding & Linens

Elegant Linens Home :: SDH Bedding

A natural way to clothe your bed.  SDH organic bedding is all about environmental beauty and purity. All of our SDH Linens and bedding elements are processed using low-impact, fiber reactive dyes. The SDH Legna line is one of the silkiest and softest fabrics in the textile industry.

Choose from:   SDH   |   SDH Purist   |   SDH Legna

SDH Sheets, Duvets, and Coverlets

Aden: 2-color, yarn-dyed Jacquard ensemble in 585 TC Egyptian cotton in chevron repeat design, available in birch, cognac or niagara.   Allegro: Wave pattern coverlet and shams in 20/80 silk/Egyptian cotton blend for a shimmering effect, in steel blue, ruby, caviar or parchment.   Anna: 555 TC Egyptian cotton Jacquard ensemble with delicate stencil design in champagne or capri.   Baton Rouge: Baroque floral Jacquard ensemble in fabulous, 585 TC Egyptian cotton, available in niagara, cognac or birch.

Sheets and Duvets in 585 TC Egyptian Cotton chevron jacquard - 3 colors

  Coverlet and Shams 20% Silk/ 80% cotton Cotton - 4 colors   Sheets and Duvets in 555 TC Cotton - 2 colors   Sheets and Duvets in 585 TC Cotton - 3 colors
Canterbury: Elegant, yarn-dyed, 100% pure linen sateen ensemble, available in dove, rye or stucco.    Capri Percale: Lovely, 465 TC Egyptian cotton percale ensemble in six, fabulous colors.   Elba: Vertical stripe ensemble with seersucker-like design in 60/40 cotton/linen blend, available in six colors.   Ella: Glorious sateen ensemble in 40/60 Egyptian cotton/silk blend in rich caviar color.

Sheets and Duvets in 100% Linen - 3 colors

  Sheets and Duvets in solid 465 Egyptian Cotton - 6 colors   Sheets and Duvets in striped 60% Cotton / 40% Linen - 6 colors   Sheets and Duvets in solid 40% Egyptian Cotton / 60% Silk - 1 color
Gobi: Yarn-dyed Jacquard collection in 467 TC Egyptian cotton, available in six glorious colors.   Hydrangea II: Beautiful, floral damask Jacquard in 512 TC Egyptian cotton, available in sage.    Jazz: Boutis Jacquard duvet, coverlet, shams and bedskirt in a 65% Egyptian cotton, 35% silk blend, available in caviar, parchment, steel and ruby.     Julia: Shimmering, 585 TC Egyptian cotton sateen ensemble in birch, cognac or niagara.
Sheets and Duvets in jacquard 467 Egyptian Cotton - 6 colors  

Sheets and Duvets in jacquard 512 Egyptian Cotton


Shams and Duvets 65% Egyptian Cotton / 35% Silk 4 colors

  Sheets and Duvets in Solid 585 TC 100% Egyptian Cotton - 3 colors
Kara: Geometric, Asian-inspired design in 616 TC Egyptian cotton in old brass, pearl or taupe.    Kent: Lovely, pure, Italian linen ensemble in three subtle colors: rye, dove or stucco.     Malta: 466 TC coverlet and shams in an elegantly simple design, available in six lovely colors: oystershell, koala, smoke, stucco, honey or papyrus.   Marrakesh: Lovely, large-scale scroll design on 556 TC, yarn-dyed, cotton Jacquard coverlet and shams in stunning champagne, mink or white.

Sheets and Duvets in jacquard 616 Egyptian Cotton - 3 colors

  Sheets and Duvets in 100% Italian Linen - 3 colors   Coverlet and Shams  Egyptian Cotton -  5 colors   Coverlet and Shams jacquard 556 TC Cotton -  2 colors
Pavia: 565 TC, yarn-dyed sateen ensemble with lovely finishing details in rich colors of old brass, pearl or taupe.   Pino: Glorious, 565 TC Egyptian cotton sateen bedding in yarn-dyed aquamarine color.   Platino: Exquisite, floral Jacquard ensemble in 58% silk, 42% Egyptian cotton blend, available in terra or rosewood color.      Pouf: Fabulous, yarn-dyed Jacquard of 100% pure silk, in coverlet and shams, available in chinchilla, rosewood or titanium.
Sheets and Duvets in Solid Sateen 565 TC Egyptian Cotton - 3 Colors   Sheets and Duvets in Solid Sateen 565 TC Egyptian Cotton   Duvets and Shams in 58% Silk / 42% Egyptian Cotton - 2 Colors   Coverlet and Shams 100% Silk / Wool Fill -  3 colors
Piazza: Lightly textured coverlet and shams in ultra soft, 605 TC Egyptian cotton, in cream or classic white.    Sophia: Lovely ensemble with 19th century scroll pattern on 555 TC, yarn-dyed Jacquard in 100% Egyptian cotton, in champagne or capri.     Xerxes: 775 TC Egyptian cotton coverlet and shams in intricate, ginger-colored paisley design.   Zen: Asian-inspired matelasse coverlet and shams in 536 TC, available in five, fabulous colors.

Coverlet and Shams 605 TC 100% Egyptian Cotton-  2 colors

  Shams and Duvets in Jacquard 555 TC Egyptian Cotton - 2 Colors  

Coverlet and Shams 775 TC 100% Egyptian Cotton

  Coverlet and Shams 536 TC 100% Egyptian Cotton-  6 colors

SDH Purist Sheets, Duvets, and Coverlets


Sheets and Duvets in 465 TC 100% Organic Cotton - Purist


SDH Legna Sheets and Duvets

Legna Agadir: Beautiful, ornamental pattern on deliciously soft, pure modal fabric, available in six, lovely colors.   Legna Classic: Gloriously soft, pure modal bedding collection in six beautiful colors.    Legna Lucca: Subtle and stylish stripe-pattern, pure modal ensemble, available in sand, parchment or cloud.   Legna Seville: Sweeping scroll design ensemble, inspired by ironworks of the 17th century, in pure modal, available in six, subtle colors.

Sheets and Duvets Jacquard 100% Italian Wood Fiber Modal- 5 Colors


Sheets and Duvets Solid 100% Italian Wood Fiber Modal- 5 Colors


Sheets and Duvets Jacquard Stripe 100% Italian Wood Fiber Modal- 3 Colors


Sheets and Duvets Jacquard Scroll 100% Italian Wood Fiber Modal- 5 Colors


More about SDH Bedding:

SDH is a relatively new contender in the luxury bedding industry.  It is a unique company that has its own niche within a niche market. The reason for this is because they are committed to using only “natural” methods and textiles to create their products. The company’s president, Sigrid Wagner, has made it clear that her company will operate to create the best luxury bedding products possible and promote ecological awareness through the textiles and the methods of production they use.  SDH shows its commitment to the environment by only dealing with textile suppliers who are committed to the same cause, helping the environment and preserving luxury and style.  SDH has also enjoyed quite a bit of celebrity because of its commitment to environmental awareness. SDH was featured in Veranda, which is a high style magazine from Chicago, for having sheets that are completely toxin free.  SDH was also featured five more times in feature articles in Veranda magazine throughout 2006 to 2009.  SDH was featured in Fit Pregnancy for the same reason. Their toxin free sheets were heralded as being “best for baby.” Good & Green Showhouse considered SDH’s The Purists Jasmine Linen Cotton Bed one of the easiest ways to go green in the home.  But don’t think that SDH’s quality suffers because of their commitment to only environmentally friendly textiles.  In fact it is quite the contrary, their Marrakesh bed set is part of The Purists line and features incredibly luxurious sheets that are complimented by amazingly intricate hand woven patterns. They also offer all the standards that any other major manufacturer would; they have a full line of Sateens and Jacquards. They also feature specialty sheets like their full White Cotton Flannel sheets. SDH is the perfect company for someone that lives an all green lifestyle or those looking for an easy way to do their part for the environment in the comfort of their own home.  For anyone who has enjoyed the silky feel of a sateen, try SDH Modal!  It drapes and feels like silk.  Made from wood pulp, Modal is a textile engineering masterpiece.

What is Organic Bedding:?

Luxury Linen designers provide the finest quality bedding, and they know that some of their clients want the elegance of true luxury linens with an exceptionally eco-friendly touch.  As science and technology advances, means of producing different types of  Organic bedding and eco-friendly luxury linens have been developed.  Luxury linens made from organic cotton, modal and even bamboo are now available, providing yet another level of value to luxury linens clientele.   

Certainly, cotton, particularly Egyptian cotton, has always been considered the finest of fabrics for luxury linens.  Now, companies such as SDH offer 100% organic cotton bedding, combining the luxurious with the environmental.  Produced without chemicals or pesticides, organic cotton linens are healthy both for the earth and its people.  While organic cotton production is generally more labor intensive, the results are fabulous.  Organic cotton luxury linen elements are highly breathable and wonderfully soft, and they are also available in a range of styles and thread counts to please most any taste. 

Ensuring the highest quality while being environmentally friendly, SDH created its luxurious, eco-minded Purist Collection Woven with Italian sophistication and composed with the utmost elegance in its design, the SDH Purist Collection is completely chemical and dye free.  The Purist Collection's Jasmine Organic Ensemble for instance, is only available in one color: natural.  The Purist Collection is an excellent choice for anyone with sensitivities to chemicals or dyes.  100% organic cotton luxury linens allows one to sleep well in blissfully indulgent comfort, knowing one has also made a exceptional, eco-minded choice.   

The luminous modal is another environmentally friendly luxury linen fabric.  With a silken texture that is wonderfully smooth and soothing to the touch, luxury modal bedding is inherently durable as well.  Sumptuously soft and made from wood pulp fibers, designers like SDH put modal to exquisitely beautiful use in their product lines, creating luxury bedding that is sure to please.  Modal is a breathable fabric that has an elegant sheen.  SDH sources the modal for their luxury linen collections from managed forests in Italy, ensuring minimal environmental impact.  Some of the collections that feature the beauty and luminescence of eco-friendly modal are SDH's Legna Lucca and Legna Seville Collections.

Elegant bamboo sheets are relatively new on the market in comparison to other luxury fabrics; however, the qualities inherent to bamboo make them a wonderful choice for many.  Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, naturally antimicrobial, exceptionally breathable and highly absorbent, bamboo also happens to be amazingly soft to the touch.  Bamboo luxury linens, therefore, offers a great number of side benefits, along with incredible softness. 

“Bamboo kun” is the bio-agent responsible for bamboo’s naturally existing hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, bacteriostatic (a fancy word for bacteria neutralizing) and deodorizing features.  Since bamboo grows at an incredible rate -- the fastest rate of any plant on Earth -- and naturally resists pests via bamboo kun -- bamboo is 100% naturally grown, and is therefore often organic.  As bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, it accepts dyes readily and will retain color incredibly well.  Bamboo luxury linens will wick away moisture, too, which is great for the skin.

Care for your organic bedding by following the accompanying care instructions.  Some common care instructions include washing in cool or luke warm water, using less of a mild detergent than necessary for a regular load, and including an extra rinse cycle.  The extra rinse cycle helps to eliminate detergent residue from your organic bedding.  (Never use bleach on any luxury linen as it breaks down the fibers.)  Avoid over-drying your organic bedding and hand press for an added crispness.

SDH  Bedding

The beautiful complexion in SDH comes from combining colored and natural shade jacquards.  The dyed yarns used to enhance the richness of hues in the fabric are all processed using low-impact, fiber reactive dyes and methods.  By incorporating color into all natural themes, SDH has extended the palette for the discriminating home designer

The SDH bedding mission is to encourage environmental friendliness while making exquisitely crafted products for consumers’ enjoyment. The timeless styles of their SDH sheets and matching bedding featuring all-natural themes have become internationally popular and are available at only the most exclusive boutiques.

SDH  Purist


Through The Purists SDH is able to produce a truly all-natural line of products that are also luxuriously soft and beautiful.  All manufacturing and finishing done for this product line is achieved without chemical ingredients.  No chemical bleaches.  No chemical dyes.  No chemical finish.  No formaldehyde.  The natural fiber and natural fiber blends used for The Purists include Egyptian cotton, linen, linen/cotton blends, virgin wool, silk, cashmere and other natural fibers.  The Purists line is a haven for those of us with allergies as well as a source of comfort for anyone seeking to relax physically and mentally. 

SDH  Legna


Imagine the smooth and supple feel of silk combined with the easy care of cotton.  This luxurious, long lasting fabric used in all of our Legna products is woven to our exact specifications in Italy.  The wood pulp used to create this amazing textile is harvested from managed forest...helping to make Legna completely biodegradable.  Luxuriously soft Legna has true and lasting beauty.

Click here to learn more about SDH...

Participate in Our "Touch and Feel" Program to make sure you get the luxury bedding you want!  

How it works: Examine our luxury organic bedding in your home. Receive a sample pillowcase, sham or swatch card (depending upon availability) for up to four different patterns to determine the suitability of the colors for your decor. This will also allow you to handle the wonderful organic bedding fabrics. You will be charged a fully refundable deposit based on the item you are sent. Elegant Linens will pay for the outbound shipping. The item must be returned to us within 10 days in the original packaging and in original condition in order for you to receive your refund for the Touch and Feel sample.


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