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Luxury Table Linens

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Treat your family like company and your company like royalty.  Elegant Linens presents luxury table linens by celebrated designers from all over the world including Sferra.


Available Luxury Table Linens: (click the image for more info on the pictured product)

By Sferra

By Bodrum

By Sferra

By Bodrum


Product Information

Acanthus Luxury Table Linens by Sferra

A classic symbol of Greek architecture and design, the acanthus leaf is the featured all-over jacquard-woven pattern on this large tablecloth from Sferra.  Acanthus is constructed from fine Egyptian cotton in Italy and is available in an appealing array of colors and sizes to suit your large round or oblong dining table.  Acanthus oblong large tablecloths are finished with hand-drawn hemstitching; round tablecloth does not have hemstitch detail due to bias cut.

Available Colors:


Size and Price: (In All Colors)

Oblong 70" X 90" $290
Oblong 70" X 108" $345
Oblong 70" X 126" $395
Oblong 70" X 144" $440
Oblong 70" X 162" $495
Round 90"Plain hem $325
Round 104" Plain hem $365
Placemats set of 4 14"X20" $85
Dinner Napkins set of 4 22"X22" $115
Cocktail Napkins set of 6 6"X6" $49

Size and Price: (In Parchment and White Only)

Square 70"X70" $235
Square 90"X90" $295
Oblong 70"X 180" $550

** These Cloths above can be special ordered in any of the available colors - Please call our store.

Cloths in All Colors

Size:  Color:  qty:

**Cloths in Parchment and White Only

Size:  Color:  qty:


Classico Luxury Table Linen by Sferra

No one can argue with the traditional beauty of fine linen.  Classico is the very finest round tablecloth in precious linen, woven in Italy and finished with a hemstitched border that has each thread drawn and wrapped by hand (round tablecloth does not have hemstitch due to bias, all others do).  The delicate hand finishing of this fine linen tablecloth makes it an heirloom to be passed from generation to generation.  Fine linen is an investment that will prove its worth as the beauty and durability of the fabric grows ever stronger over time.  Classico is available in White and Ecru in an array of sizes and shapes to make your elegant table settings a timeless statement of taste and refinement.

Colors: White, Ecru

Also available in Runners, Various Napkins,  and Placemats


Size and Price:
Round 70" $195
Round 90" $295
Round 106" $385
Round 120" $490


Available Colors:


Size and Price:

Square 54" X 54" $100
Square 70" X 70" $165
Square 90" X 90" $275
Rectangle 66" X 86" $185
Rectangle 66" X 106" $215
Rectangle 66" X 124" $250
Rectangle 66" X 140" $280
Rectangle 66" X 160" $330
Rectangle 66" X 180" $370
Rectangle 88" X 106" $315
Rectangle 88" X 124" $365
Rectangle 88" X 140" $410
Rectangle 88" X 160" $470
Runner 15" X 70" $60
Runner 15" X 90" $75
Runner 15" X 108" $90
Placemat Oblong Set of 12 13"X19" $180
Placemat Octagon  Set of 12 15" $250
Placemat Round  Set of 12 15" $250
Dinner Napkin Set of 12 22"X22" $265
Dinner Napkin Set of 12 24"X24" $300

Size:  Color:  qty:


Ritz Luxury Table Linen by Bodrum

Elegantly appointed 100%  cotton yarn-dyed jacquard in a soft neutral palette.  A wonderful addition to your table anytime of year. 

Size and Price:

Square 71" X 71" $117
Rectangle 71" X 95" $147
Rectangle 71" X 108" $177
Rectangle 71" X 120" $201
Round 90" $195
Placemats set of 6 14"X20" $99
Napkins set of 6 20"X20" $90


Size:   qty:


Brussels Cotton Table Linen by Bodrum

Brussels is 100% cotton but has the lovely look of linen.  Available in 18 brilliant colors that coordinate with so many of the other table linens.

Available Colors:

Size and Price:

Square 54" X 54" $63.00
Rectangle 60" X 84" $87.00
Rectangle 60" X 108" $114.00
Rectangle 60" X 120" $132.00
Round 70" $94.50
Round 90" $141.00
Round 108" $213.00
Round 120" $249.00
Placemats set of 6 14"X20" $94.50
Napkins set of 6 20"X20" $63.00

**Aqua not available in napkins, cloths 60X108 or 60X120, or 120 Rounda

**Grass is not available in 70 Round

Rectangle Tablecloths

Size:  Color:  qty:

Round Tablecloths

Size:  Color:  qty:


Size:  Color:  qty:


Size:  Color:  qty:


Make sure to check out our clearance tablecloths, 1st quality in-stock at 50% -60% OFF.  Once they are gone so is this incredible savings!

Luxury Table Linens:

For the finest in luxury table linen, look no further.  We have what you are looking for.  Our luxury table linens include tablecloths, placemats, runners and napkins; all made from high-quality jacquard-woven linen and cotton damask, silk or blended fibers for easy care.  These luxury table linens create a feast for the eyes that makes the pleasure of dining even more enjoyable. Featuring a palette of colors and a symphony of motifs and textures that highlight an appreciation of the table, every designer piece promises beautiful moments to savor.  From famous makers Sferra, Libeco home and Bodrum, a gift of luxury table linen from Elegant Linens is a treasure to love for a lifetime. 

Other Luxury Table Linens:



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