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(Luxury Bedskirts

This product is no longer available

Elegant Linens Home :: Luxury Bedskirt Menu

We offer the complete selection of Luxury Bedskirts; from tailored to ruffle, matelasse to sheeting, panel to platform, solids to prints and in all different drops and colors.   Easily complete your bed ensemble with a luxury bedskirt from elegant linens.  Our Luxury Bedskirts are known worldwide for quality and superior craftsmanship in fine bedding.  Scroll to the bottom of the page if you need help deciphering which type of bedskirt will suit your bed.

Choose from:


How to choose the right Luxury Bedskirt for you:

Ruffled or Tailored Bedskirt?

When choosing a bedskirt first decide whether you prefer a tailored or a gathered bedskirt style:

Tailored Bedskirt Style

Ruffled Bedskirt Style


Solid or Print Bedskirt?

Next decide whether you would like a solid color bedskirt or a bedskirt with a print.  If you already have your top of bed (duvet, comforter, or coverlet) it should dictate what kind of bedskirt you need.  A busy top of bed designs usually means you will want to coordinate with a nice solid color taken from the top of bed print.  If the top of bed is solid or a subtle design, a print could add just the right splash of color and texture.  The addition of a nice print could be an easy way to add additional accent colors to your bed ensemble.

Deck or Paneled Skirt?

Deck Skirt:  This means the skirt has decking surrounded on three sides with  decorative fabric. The decking fabric lays over the boxspring of your bed while the decorative panels fall over the boxspring sides.  The drop indicated on the platform skirts is standard for the particular vendor.  We can adjust the length if necessary but you will have to call our store to request special drops and possible price adjustments.

Panel Skirt:  This means the skirt has three panels.  It is accompanied by pins that are used to attach it to the boxspring.  The advantage of a panel skirt is that the length can be adjusted by simply pinning the skirt higher or lower.  The length given on the panel skirt is the maximum length.  There is usually an additional 3 inches that is tucked under the boxspring.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of our luxury bedskirts can be made to order - so if you see a design you like but prefer a different construction then listed, please call our store at 800.735.5541 and we will see if the bedskirt can be custom made to your specifications. 

Lightweight or Heavyweight Bedskirt?

Lightweight Skirts: Do not make the mistake that a lightweight skirt will not be substantial enough.  Our lightweight bedskirts are made from luxury fabrics such as 100% Egyptian cotton, Silk Blends, or 100% Linen.  If you have chosen a ruffle skirt only a lightweight design will drape properly with this style - so you will notice there are no matelasse or heavier weight fabrics available on the ruffle skirt pages.  A lightweight skirt is much more airy and drapes much differently than a Heavier weight.  We have lightweight bedskirts in jacquards, percales, or sateens.  Look at the details to the right of each skirt selection to see all of the specifications.

Heavyweight Skirts: The wonderful weight of a matelasse styled bedskirt or quilted bedskirt will add the perfect texture to your bed ensemble. A matelasse is perfectly constructed - The French word, matelassé means “quilted,” or “padded". Matelassé fabric is usually woven on a jacquard loom for the appearance of quilting. Matelassé fabric is a heavier textile that appears to be padded but is a single ply versus a quilted fabric with three ply's - backing, fill, and top panel.  Matelassé fabric is typically woven in solid colors, with only the relief of the pattern for its decoration.

A quilted bedskirt has a top fabric, a fill and then a backing material.  It can be quilted in different designs.  From a diamond quilt pattern to a circle or swirl pattern.

If you have any questions please call us.  All of our bedskirts have matching shams to complete your designer look.

Boxspring Cover or Bedskirt?

Bed skirts are a mainstay in luxury linens, which offer a finished look to any bedding ensemble.  Sometimes referred to as a dust ruffle, the bed skirt will be the foundation of your luxury linen collection.  Designed to hide the box springs or foundation of the bed; styles are available to fit any décor with the most popular options including tailored, flat panel and ruffled looks.  However, additional looks can be achieved by layering several layers of coordinating fabrics.  Whichever option is best for your bedroom retreat, you will find that the finishing touch of a luxury linen bed skirt adds to the overall harmony of the room.  

Don’t skirt the issue when it comes to a properly fitting bed skirt.  Always consider the drop length when purchasing a bed skirt.  A bed skirt should skim the floor, rather than result in fabric piled on your floor.  The drop length can be determined by measuring the top of the box springs to the bottom of the floor.  An average drop is fifteen inches; however, additional drops can be found through luxury linen providers.

The texture of fabric you choose for your luxury linen bed skirt will greatly affect your completed décor.  Bed skirts are available in a variety of fabrics from Egyptian cotton to sumptuous silk.  Bed skirts made of heavier textured fabrics will more effectively keep their shape and stand crisply as a platform for your other luxury linens for years.  Popular choices for heavy fabrics are chenille, velvet, faux suede and matelesse bed skirts.  Just as with luxury bed sheets, thread count is a factor when purchasing a quality bed skirt.  The higher thread count bed skirts will produce a softer product which becomes better with age.  The drape of your bed skirt will be beautiful with the proper choice of fabric.

A few additional tips to consider when purchasing your bed skirt.  Ensure you keep in mind your bed frame when purchasing a bed skirt.  Some bed frames require the bed skirt to offer slits to wrap the bed posts while others do not.  Additionally, consider the fabric consistency of the center fabric not shown on the completed bed.  Some manufacturers use a flimsy material which will tear easily when placing on the bed. 

Box spring covers offer a minimalist alternative to bed skirts for your luxury linen bedding.  The cover is similar to a fitted sheet and fits snuggly over the box springs.  A contrasting color is often used by designers for a dramatic effect.   A box spring cover will fit a railed bed better than a traditional bed skirt.

As the foundation to your bedding ensemble bed skirts offer the ability of function and embellishment of your bedroom.  Functionally a bed skirt allows additional storage space for those in need, as well as, reducing the dust below the bed.  Luxury linen bed skirts allow you to change the room’s appearance quickly and inexpensively.  Many people find coordinating their bed skirts with the bedding ensemble preferable rather than matching the pieces.  You may choose to coordinate a striped bed skirt with a solid duvet cover or a colored bed skirt with a neutral duvet cover.  Regardless of your choice of color and design choose your bed skirt with quality in mind for years of enjoyment. 

Some common care instructions include washing in cool or luke warm water using less of a mild detergent than necessary for a regular load and an extra rinse cycle.  The extra rinse cycle helps to eliminate detergent residue from your bed skirt.  (Never use bleach on any luxury linens as it breaks down the fibers.)  Avoid over-drying your luxury linen bed skirt and hand press for an added crispness if necessary.

Watch our video all about bedskirts to help you make your selection!


Luxury Bedskirts

Our luxury bedskirt menu is divided to help you find a luxury bedskirt quickly.  They are separated by style and color.  There are a wide range of shades in each color selection: 

  • Beiges range from Ivory to Sable

  • Greens are available from a light aloe to a dark olive color. 

  • Reds range from pink to a deep burgundy 

  • Yellows range from light yellow to deep gold.

  • Browns range from almond to dark chocolate colors. 

  • Blues are available in baby blue to Navy and also includes aqua variations

  • Oranges include peaches to deep paprika. 

  • Purples from lavender to Plum

  • Grays - Blacks range from silvers to black

So choose each color knowing that it represents a range of shades.

When you go to one of the bedskirt pages you will have the opportunity to select a swatch from the pull down provided to the right of the image.  The first selection in the drop down menu is for the swatch at a $40 deposit that is fully refundable once the swatch is returned.  It is advised to view the swatches in your own home prior to a purchase of our luxury bedskirts to be assured that the color is a perfect match.

Below is a guide to help you choose which bedskirt is best suited to complete your bed ensemble.  If you have any questions please contact one of our sales representatives at 800.735.5541.



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